massage mangawhai


Abhyanga massage is a therapeutic detox and stress relief massage using warm medicated oils. This is a healing massage, stimulating circulation and lymphatics in order to release toxins and improve energy levels. The specialised oil is individually chosen to nourish & bring balance to your constitution. Your immune system is boosted and your nervous system rebalanced, as stiffness and fatigue melt away . Starting at your toes and finishing with an Ayurvedic head massage this is rejuvenation at it's best.


This treatment includes Ayurvedic Marma point therapy.  Marma points are similar to acupressure points, and energy can become trapped and stagnate here.  Acupressure of marma points clears blocked energy bringing a sense of calm. Your pulse will be assessed to ascertain your digestive strength and overall health. This is not massage therapy and differs from Western massage.

Benefits: detoxifies, reduces stress & calms nerves, increases circulation, boosts immunity & encourages healing, tones muscles, lubricates joints, improves elimination,  encourages deeper sleep, strengthens the organ systems, nourishes the body, releases blocked energy, balances your constitution, softens skin, enhances hair growth.




Please note generous amounts of warm oil are used in Abhyanga massage.

It’s best to wear old clothes and not plan social activities for at least a couple of hours afterwards in order to fully benefit from the experience.

Full head & body massage with

Marma points: $90 

Duration: 1 1/4 hr

Series of 5: $395

(Recommended for cleanse/detox,

chronic pain or long term issues)

Child: $30       Duration: 30mins

Apologies. Massage is unavailable at the moment as we are working with clients on our Align4life programme.

A fantastic experience! I had an Abhyanga massage with Honor, and left floating on cloud 9. The Ayurvedic head massage was the highlight for me, I felt the tension literally peel away from my system.  The Marma points added an extra depth to the massage making it feel like it was indeed a healing therapy - I had a few tender spots which made sense with everything going on for me at the moment. All with lashings of beautiful herbal oil. This was all-in-all a divine treatment.

C. Parker, NZ