i am

We are each unique. Like snowflakes.

Balancing Vata
Air & Space

Physical & Emotional Characteristics


Light, thinner build with good agility

Quick with bursts of energy

Often have dry skin and cold hands & feet

Irregular hunger & digestion

Love excitement & new experiences

Enthusiastic, love making new friends

 Quick to learn, quick to forget

Quick to anger, quick to forgive

Energetic, creative & flexible

Love conversation often leaping from one thing to another

Tend toward nervousness & anxiety

Tend towards constipation & dry skin

Tend toward light & interrupted sleep

Sensitive, can feel overwhelmed & prone to fatigue


Physical & Emotional Characteristics

Medium build & speed

Red quality to hair, often balding or thinning early

Warm soft skin

Feels the heat

Excellent digestion (sometimes leads Pittas to believe they can eat anything)

Can’t skip meals, strong appetite, gets hangry

Medium to learn, medium memory

Good intellect & concentration

Precise, sharp, competitive

Good decision makers, direct & sharp witted

Natural leaders, may be good public speakers

May be a perfectionist, strong opinions

Tend towards irritability & anger

Can be argumentative & short-tempered

Tends towards skin rashes or acne

Balancing Kapha

Physical & Emotional Characteristics

Solid, heavier build

Strong with great endurance & stamina

Slow & methodical thinker & learner

Large, soft eyes, smooth, cool radiant skin

Thick lustrous hair

Sleep heavy & long

Calm with a solid, steady personality

Loyal, patient & supportive

Unconfrontational with many friends

Slow to learn, slow to forget

Tends to gain weight easily

Tends towards congestion & mucous

Tends towards stubbornness, and resists change