A no-fuss detox to reset your system
Why cleanse?
Maybe one of these sounds like you...
You’re feeling tired, low energy and not yourself.
You're tired or grumpy.
You're overly emotional.
Your skin is dull or you're experiencing skin problems.

You really want to kick-start your health regime again.
You feel like your immunity is low - maybe you keep getting sick.

You’ve been piling on a few pounds and want a reset.
You need a rest from take-aways and eating out.

Whatever your reason, somewhere inside you,
you recognise that your body could do with a break.
You're NOT alone!
I'd love to help.

Try a 3 day kitcharee cleanse

A little powerpack of a detox

in the comfort of your home

If you have questions during your cleanse, hop onto our Facebook page and ask away :-)

Imagine a detox........
  • Where you don't feel hungry
  • That's simple and WORKS
  • That's completely affordable
  • That improves your energy levels
  • That gives you mental clarity
  • That gets rid of your cravings
  • That you can do at home
  • That has had 1000's of years of success
  • That you can custom make to suit you...

You've come to the right place!

"An absolute powerpack of a cleanse."
Kitchari - the bread and butter of Ayurveda.
Processed foods, eating on the run, chemicals in our skincare products, alcohol, stress, anxiety and negative emotions all leave toxins that get stored in our body. (Yes, I know it seems weird, but negativity can cause havoc with your absorption).
A cleanse helps to clear the body - kind of like pushing reset.
In fact in a kitchari fast you'll probably have a more balanced diet than you would normally!
Your immunity gets a boost, your digestion resets, your body has a break and you get a super boost of energy.
If you need to lose weight, this will happen naturally as you cleanse, but if you don't then your digestive system just gets a good old clean out.
So how does it work?
My cleanse packs explains everything simply, breaking it down into fully guided steps.
It's powerful, affordable and low stress, so that ANYONE can do it.
And I'll give you tips on which are the most effective Ayurvedic herbs to use.
"Thanks Honor for sharing and guiding us through the kitcharee cleanse. I have just finished and I will definitely use it again. I didn't get hungry or miss out on eating with others and I dropped 2 kg! I am going to use it as a reset back to basic cleansing food when I am reaching for too much carb and sugary food because I'm bored or comforting myself. I feel like I have been cleansed and reset for better nutrition.

Thank you!!!! A wonderful gift."

- S Lambert, Mangawhai
What's included for only $15?
(New Zealand dollars)
  • 30 page Kitchari cleanse booklet with EVERYTHING you need to know for a successful cleanse
  • Shopping list
  • Step by step instructions for before, during and after your cleanse
  • Superfoods to modernise your cleanse
  • Suggested Ayurvedic herbs to take your cleanse to the next level (a detox)
  • Details of how to adapt your cleanse to suit your imbalances
  • What to do while cleansing
  • Closed Facebook group to for support and guidance
  • And much much more...

Putting together Triphala, a powerful antioxidant blend that gently cleanses and nourish the GI tract (10x more Vit C than an orange!)

Worried about cleansing??
If I can do it, anyone can (coming from someone who seriously DOES NOT like to miss a meal!!) It's simple, straightforward and something that you can either do on your own or with a friend.
If you feel like your body could do with a break, I can't recommend this highly enough. Honestly.  I've even given alternatives for you to modernise your cleanse with superfoods that weren't available back in ancient India when this cleanse first came about.
You can also join our amazing closed community of like-minded souls on Facebook - many of whom have already completely the cleanse. This is without a doubt a massive bonus, as they encourage you and hold you accountable while you begin your journey.
So dive right in and join me. It will be the start of a powerful little self-care routine that you will come back to again and again and again :-)
Thank you thank you thank you!!💋♥️💋!!
I feel amazing!!! Haha!! I’m too scared too eat!! Lol!! I will definitely be doing this again in February!!
I had the most amazing weekend !! Getting so much done and making some huge life changes for the new year!!
- Love Kimmy