Kati Basti is a therapeutic treatment that relieves back or neck pain and helps in the recovery of spinal problems. It is also used when recovering from joint injuries or as a treatment for arthritic conditions.

A Kati Basti may be used on any part of the spine as well as the shoulders, knees or neck. It provides pain relief and increased flexibility in the affected area. A series of Kati Basti’s is advised for best results from long term chronic pain such as arthritis or sciatica. While relief will be felt after just one treatment, a series is more likely to give relief in the long term, helping to deeply nourish the muscles, nerves and bones.

Hot medicated oil is chosen specific to the ailment and poured into a natural mould on the spine. This is  kept at a constant heated temperature. The hot formula penetrates through the skin, relaxing the surrounding muscles, nerves and vertebrae. Circulation is increased and the area is internally lubricated. It is followed by a short specialised spinal massage and steam treatment to deepen the effects .


Benefits: back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis, slipped disc, degenerative discs, neck pain, RSI, whiplash, frozen shoulder, knee issues, musculoskeletal disorders of spine, shoulder & joints, increases flexibility, relieves swelling & inflammation.

Please note generous amounts of warm oil are used in Kati Basti. It’s best to wear old clothes and not plan social activities for at least 2 hours afterwards in order to allow the oil to fully penetrate the skin.

Adult: $85      Duration: 50mins

Children half price

NB Yoga Room students $10 discount applies to full price

Series of 5-7: $75  

This is an extremely effective therapy for long-term chronic pain. It works deeply into the tissues,  relieving  muscle and nerve tension,  and restoring movement. Weekly or biweekly for 5-7 weeks. A series is also suitable for acute pain and injuries, taken over a shorter period.

My sciatica and lower back pain was relieved by a series of Kati basti sessions. I found the process to be a nurturing and nourishing experience for me on so many different levels, which set it apart from a normal massage. I highly recommend this therapy for muscular issues and beyond.

J. Anderson, NZ