Mani Pedi


"Touch begins on the physical level, but it can go much deeper,

traversing the media of thoughts, feelings, and emotions" 
- Vasant Lad

Abhyanga massage is an ayurvedic massage using warm medicated oils.

It is blissful.

I recommend treating yourself to an abhyanga self-massage at least once a week.

Self massage is a beautiful healing modality, stimulating circulation and lymphatics to release toxins and improve energy levels. Your immune system will be boosted and your nervous system rebalanced, so that stiffness and fatigue can melt away.

It's the ultimate in self-care.

Which oil should I use?


Balance vata

Sensual and euphoric

Relax and restore

Relieve stress or anxiety

Strengthen and ground

Hydrate and nourish

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Balance pitta

Sweet and sensual

Soothe and calm

Clarity and joy

Improve elasticity and tone


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Balance kapha

Citrusy and uplifting

Increase energy and lightness

Clear stagnant energy

Motivate and elevate

Radiance and positivity

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  • Choose the oil that best suits the needs of your body and soul.

  • Prepare a warm, peaceful place. Light candles, put on your favourite chill-out playlist, light incense or burn oils.

  • Place the  oil in a bowl of hot water to warm.

  • Massage warm oil into your face and scalp with your fingertips. Use a smooth circular motion around your eyes, temples and cheek bones. Be gentle around the delicate eye area. Pay attention to your ear lobes, temples, the backs of your ears and neck.

  • Starting at your feet, massage your whole body, using long smooth strokes towards your heart. Use circular movements around the joints.

  • Continue in the same way from your fingers up through each arm. Use smooth, deep, anti-clockwise strokes on your belly.

  • Massage for 15-20 minutes.

  • Enjoy a warm shower or bath. This allows the oil to absorb further into the pores and reach the deeper layers of the skin.  Dry yourself gently.

The benefits of abhyanga self-massage are seemingly endless

  • reduces stress & calms nerves

  • increases oxytocin and seratonin levels

  • boosts immunity encouraging healing

  • improves circulation

  • boosts lymphatics and detoxifies

  • tones muscles

  • lubricates joints

  • improves elimination

  • encourages deeper sleep

  • strengthens the organ systems

  • nourishes and softens the skin

  • releases blocked energy

  • balances your constitution

  • enhances hair growth