An omega rich blend with healing properties to balance Pitta.

Anti-aging therapy to soothe, soften and repair. This precious formula balances skin tone, restores elasticity and works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With anti-inflammatory properties, a wonderful serum for sensitive skin or those prone to beak outs - the classic T-zone. With Rose and Sandalwood to cool and calm this is a beautiful oil for warmer months. Like the first drop of morning dew, a panacea for your soul.


Rosehip Oil

Repairs and restores skin health, powerful essential fatty acids improve skin hydration and elasticity. Used for reducing scars and stretchmarks, balancing and hydrating the skin and combating fine lines and wrinkles.


Sunflower oil

Ayurveda recognises this as the most important oil for combination skin because of its subtly cooling nature. Organic, expeller-pressed, and refined using a natural process, our sunflower oil is emollient, nourishing, easily absorbed and glides smoothly over the skin without leaving an oily build-up.


Jojoba oil

Prized for its ability to heal and nourish the skin. Structurally similar to our own natural sebum, jojoba reduces the production of sebum, preventing further clogging of pores. Jojoba oil also reaches deep into the skin to destroy bacteria and dissolve dried sebum, whilst revitalising and soothing inflamed skin.


Rose Damascena

And then, there was Rose. The skin benefits of Rose essential oil range far and wide, from the re-3 (rehydrating, regenerating and reparative) to the anti-3 (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant). If love was an oil, this is it.



The herb of tranquility. In the top 3 most beneficial and healing Ayurvedic herbs for skin. Cools and calms the entire body and mind helping the awakening of intelligence.



Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, relieving itching and redness - a powerful skin rejuvenative.A natural antioxidant, having a most soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension. An adaptogenic, meaning it counters negative stress on the body, both physically and mentally.





Dew face serum

  • Gently massage a few drops into your face and decolettage with your fingertips. Use a circular motion, taking care around delicate eye area.


    Use your thumb to softly massage your temples and behind your ear lobes to stimulate and balance your endocrine system. Breathe. Take your time. Enjoy this moment of stillness and connection.