A fully guided 3- day cleanse, complete with everything you need to know to completely reset your metabolism and detoxify your system.


This is the same detox used by traditional Ayurvedic doctors, with the option to make it more contemporary by using amazing superfoods such as quinoa and Kombu. (These weren't around in ancient India!)


Plus with the option to join our closed community, you can go through your cleanse at the same time as others in our tribe! AND get feedback and advice while you're cleansing. This is an absolute bargain, and an amazing chance to have full accountability for your health, at a fraction of the cost of a spa cleanse (and you get to make connections with other yogis and support each other as you branch out into Ayurveda, and look after your body, mind and soul!)



Everything you need to know about cleansing

Shopping list

How to get the most out of your cleanse

Recipe and step-by-step instructions

What to do while cleansing

How to adapt and personalise your cleanse

Imbalances and how a cleanse can help

What to do following your cleanse





Honor's Kitchari Cleanse