Refreshing and pure to energise and clear stagnant energy. When you're looking for motivation or to clear out the cobwebs this blend is for you. A lighter detoxifying body oil with cleansing qualities, absorbing quickly to eliminate heaviness. A 'za-za-zoom' Kapha balancing blend for when you need a pick-me-up, restoring your positive energy and empowering your soul.


Juniper berry, the world class detoxifier, stimulates your immune system. Grapefruit and ginger lily are both powerful antioxidants which elevate the mood and cleanse the aura. Combined with cedarwood, also known as 'the tree nectar', holding extensive healing properties to rebalance and clear negative influences.

Freedom body oil

  • Organic safflower oil, cold pressed black sesame oil, therapeutic grade essential oils of grapefruit, gingerlily, frankincense and cedarwood,