Imagine a world where everyone you met was living a soulful and positive life, filled with vitality... and exceptional purpose.
 We want you to THRIVE. On and off your yoga mat.
Body, mind and soul.
We want you to love your day. To love yourself. To love your life.
When you're TRULY healthy, it affects your body, mind and soul.
You feel energised and fulfilled, you feel FULL of LIFE.
Life is meaningful, joyful and successful on all levels.
How are you feeling?
If you're not 100% on top of your game, then you've come to the right place!
Maybe your physical health has slipped...
Maybe you’re feeling stressed or anxious, restless or stuck...
Maybe you're even feeling overwhelmed or depressed.
We can help. In an age where so many of us feel disconnected, we offer transformational tools that put you back on track.
As well as yoga classes and retreats, we run a
transformational 12 week program which is an absolute game changer.


A 14 week transformational program empowering you to reclaim TOTAL health: body, mind and soul.

Combining ayurveda, yoga and transformational coaching, you will learn the essential shifts needed to nourish and bring health to your body, and on a deeper level your mind, and even more than that - your spirit.

With world-class support and guidance, you will take back the leadership position of your life, focus on self-care routines that fully support your growth, understand your unique Dosha (mind-body type), create a powerful abundance mindset and connect with your soul's purpose.


We work with people who want change...
So you know something's not quite right.
You want health.
You want energy.
You want soulful living - yoga on and off the mat.
We can help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.
If you love yoga, and love natural, holistic living filled with vitality, health and personal freedom... watch our training.

Sometimes you just know you want to work with someone, and that someone's presence could change your life significantly and for the better. Honor is one of those people.

She is compassionate, passionate and full of warmth and wisdom, making her one of those people you just want to be around - in addition to being a FOUNTAIN of helpful information! 😄

I've been lucky enough to work alongside Honor for a while now and would recommend her to anyone. Maybe most importantly, she walks her talk and is a bright, fun person to be around.

If you're considering working with Honor but hesitant for any reason, don't be! 😊

You're in Such. Good. Hands.🙏

Linn Ki, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Norway



Discover your Ayurvedic Imbalance...
...with Honor's one-of-a-kind assessment.
Your personalised results will get you back on track!

I have been privileged to work with Honor for the past five years.  As a movement specialist, I am constantly challenging myself with new perspectives and philosophies.  This is the first time I've dedicated myself to an 'Iyengar-esk' style of yoga and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the technical precision with which Honor teaches. I'd put her in my top three favourite yoga teachers in the world. Really.


We've also done some work together on a professional level - challenging each other in our  teaching roles and I am so honoured to be a part of her student body. Each week I message her to say thank you because her teaching just gets better and better!


Now we're lucky enough to have her Ayurvedic talent also. I also incorporate this into my wellness management programme.  Being an ultra-endurance athlete and Osteopath takes its toll on the body.  I am so grateful to have a teacher who is so capable of getting the very best out of me.  


With kindness she teaches. With love she always challenges us as well as 'upgrading' her skills which she continues to share with us. 

It's simply wonderful.

Jacquelyn Schirmer, Osteopath, NZ

Join our Tribe!
Change happens faster when you're with like-minded people in the same tribe. We have an amazing community of like-minded souls in our private group. With Ayurvedic advice and support, we connect and support.
We'd LOVE to see you there :).
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“For everyone wellbeing is a journey.

The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope & belief in yourself.”

-Deepak Chopra


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